Senior Software Engineer - Front-end

RoktSydney3M ago

Fantastic opportunity to build great things at one of the fastest growing Australian technology start-ups.

We are looking for a Senior Front-end Software Engineer to join our Integration Applications team (or Widget Team for short), and build out the front door to Rokt’s services.

You will be a key member of the team tasked with designing and writing a lightning fast, secure and well designed JavaScript framework that allows our clients to integrate Rokt’s offerings into their ecommerce experience - ultimately to provide unique and relevant offers to their online customers. This framework will be launched via a small drop-in script tag on our partners’ sites, which enables “widgets” to be launched that present engaging offers from other Rokt clients, and collect consumer engagement data for Rokt’s analytics systems to track performance and effectiveness.

You will then continue to support and evolve this framework in line with new business opportunities and user experience improvements.

If you’re into Typescript, JavaScript, React, SASS, CSS and solving challenging web front-end problems while striving for elegant solutions and best practices, you'll be right at home in our team.

You will work closely with other engineers, product specialists and managers on a daily basis, collaborating, creating, conceptualising and coding your way through the backlog while maintaining an open, supportive environment of innovation and continuous improvement.

About Rokt

Rokt is a well-funded team of extraordinary people pioneering transaction marketing, in offices around the world from where we started in Sydney to Singapore, London, New York City, Tokyo & many more offices opening soon. We have developed a unique technology platform and performance-based advertising offering that is used by businesses of all sizes to help them better engage customers in their e-commerce experiences and to acquire new customers at scale. Rokt’s customers include eBay, Expedia, Lyft, Uber, Groupon and others who use Rokt to acquire new customers via our growing partner network.

How We Work

Even as a startup gone global, we have kept our engineering roots in Sydney. We have a high calibre team of around 50 engineers but our team structure is flat. We actively encourage participation from all team members throughout the entire engineering process. No egos. This is a hands on role, where you are expected to cut quality code, participate in engineering workshops, conduct peer reviews and help troubleshoot issues.

At Rokt, we’re big on Agile development, Microservices, DevOps, and automation. Our various stacks (including vanilla JS, Angular, .Net, Clojure and Python) are all on AWS. We love new and interesting tech - never because it’s shiny, but because it helps us solve problems elegantly and gain a competitive edge.


You will ideally have the following:

  • Bachelor's degree, equivalent experience or demonstrable aptitude
  • Solid grasp of web fundamentals around HTML, HTTP, REST and browser differences.
  • 4+ years writing robust, maintainable, testable, modular, cross-browser front-end components using TypeScript/JavaScript, React, jQuery and HTML
  • 2+ years styling web front-ends using CSS, preferably with frameworks such as SASS, LESS.
  • Capability around setting up and managing front-end build/packaging/minification pipelines using technologies such as Webpack, Gulp, Bower, RequireJS, etc
  • Proficiency in writing frameworks that are a joy for engineers to work with
  • Expertise with Javascript testing frameworks (both unit and end-to-end testing) such as Jasmine, Chai, etc.
  • Expertise integrating with Web API backends
  • Strong understanding of OWASP and security principles
  • Experience working in Agile teams and following SCRUM processes
  • Openness, excellent communication and a willingness to learn
  • A collaborative, team-oriented, no-fuss working style
  • A keen interest in the latest software engineering technologies
  • The ability to thrive in a dynamic forward-thinking technology environment

If you have these, then you’ve definitely got our attention:

  • Ability to performance-test Javascript components
  • Experience in Angular 2+ or other web frameworks
  • Working knowledge of C# and server-side Javascript
  • Knowledge of SMACSS and applying sound architecture principles to CSS
  • Experience with Protobuf based back-end services
  • Exposure to public cloud products and services (e.g. AWS, Azure)
  • Contributions to open source projects or engaging technical blog posts


A position at Rokt comes with an excellent list of benefits:

  • Working alongside some of the best and brightest software engineers
  • Competitive Salary
  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Employee Share Scheme, which means all employees have a financial stake in the business
  • Technology allowance
  • Company end of quarter training and global events multiple times a year
  • Staff awards program
  • Generous staff referral program
  • Job-related training in-house and allowance for external training applications/contributions