Senior DevOps

CheckboxSydney2M ago

At Checkbox you will be one of our earliest engineers and will join a tight-knit team of passionate, intelligent people. It is vital for us that our engineers feel a sense of individual impact, trust and continuous growth while solving challenging problems to get things done. Our engineers are the life and blood of our company, and we’re always seeking ways to improve our engineering quality and culture so that our engineers can create their best work.

In this position, you will:

  • Plan a roadmap & budget to redesign towards a modern containerized DevOps pipeline
  • Be responsible for owning the developer experience as well as site reliability
  • Design, build & maintain a low-cost, fast & scalable pipeline with dev-friendly config management
  • Implement systems to provide highly available and robust monitoring, alerting and recovery systems
  • Contribute to a future-ready, high quality and performant code base
  • Practice and preach best-practice DevOps culture, standards & processes
  • Work collaboratively in an agile environment to shape and develop features
  • Share technical solutions and product ideas through design review, code review and technology discussions

The ideal candidate would exhibit the following:

At least 5 years’ systems engineering experience on AWS, Azure or other cloud platform

At least 3 years’ DevOps experience in fast-paced SaaS startup

Experience at both startup SaaS and corporate enterprises experience

Has built a modern, IaaS, containerized DevOps pipeline from the ground up

CI/CD - Continuous integration and delivery - Jenkins, CircleCI, GitLab

Scripting / programming - Python, Bash, Go, C

Containerization - Kubernetes, Docker, or other tools

Configuration Management - Ansible, Puppet

Data pipeline - Kafka, Flume, Spark, Hadoop, Yarn

APM and infrastructure monitoring tools – NewRelic, DataDog

Data - Mysql, Postgres, Redis, DynamoDB, Cassandra, Hive, HDFS,

Elasticsearch, SOLR

AWS - EC2, ELB, EBS, S3, Cloudfront, ECS, Aurora, RDS, Cloudformation/Terraform

Fast coder and passionate about solving technically challenging problems in a pragmatic way

Strong fundamentals in software engineering and computer science

Fun, positive and collaborative attitude to work


  • Full stack experience
  • Broad understanding of enterprise application, system security and hybrid cloud environment