Launch Specialist

VendMelbourne3M ago

Vend is an award winning, venture-backed tech company and our mission is simple: to create remarkable retail life. We help our retailers build thriving businesses, live more fulfilling lives and create experiences that people love. And as we do, we encourage the diversity that makes communities unique.

We have over 200 talented people across our offices in Auckland, Toronto, London, Melbourne and San Francisco working to delight retailers worldwide who are running successful retail operations in their communities and online.

And so, we’re looking for an enthusiastic and hard-working individual to join our Customer Success team. In this role, you will be responsible for delivering our professional services packages and working with retailers to get set up and selling with Vend.

This role is integral to the customer journey because a Launch Specialist ultimately ensures new Vend retailers get off on the right foot! You’re their welcome party, tour guide and hand-holder while they learn the ropes of what Vend can do for their business. You train ‘em up good and ensure they’ve had a fantastic on-boarding experience, and then let them spread their wings and fly on their own!

You’ll be expected to build out a customised implementation plan for each on-boarding and work towards a (realistic) Go-Live date. You are no doubt a retail guru, so you’ll be able to understand their business goals, align them to their on-boarding plan and give them strategic advice and best practice recommendations.

A day in the life of a Launch Specialist may look like:

  • Conduct pre-sale scope calls to determine retailer’s requirements and set-up needs
  • Kick-off all Services engagements through establishing success criteria with retailers, and own each leg of the implementation journey - right up to the go-live date
  • Assist with legacy POS migration and Vend POS setup as described in the purchased services package
  • Deliver product training sessions during a retailer's onboarding, over and above the initial set-up, if required
  • Work closely with CSM on onboarding requirements for customers in the onboarding life stage
  • Work with Customer Success Managers to identify improvements for our customer base around content and touch points (i.e. campaigns, 1:1 communication or email automation opportunities)
  • Collaborate with Sales and Technical Support teams, ensuring expectations are set and realistic across all functions - and feedback from our retailers makes its way back to the product team consistently

Does this sound like you?

  • Your background and experience in Customer Success make you a great candidate, but it’s your exposure to training and professional services environments that make you stand-out from the rest
  • You have the ability to manage and coordinate large amounts of data and information, your analytical headspace makes you a solution oriented thinker and doer
  • Your verbal and written communication skills are one of your strongest attributes. You have a knack of knowing how to share knowledge in a way that people want to listen to you, you have the passion and creativity for teaching and explaining ideas and concepts
  • You've got an entrepreneurial mindset and a self-starter attitude. There's a solid amount of freedom to go about your day as you see fit, so you’ll need to be able to initiate action by jumping in and making things happen!
  • You stay calm, positive and empathetic to those you serve when faced with a problem - you know how to make customers smile, even over the phone or via email!
  • Additional points if you’ve worked in the retail industry and understand what a day in the life of a retailer is. You know what it's like on both sides of the fence and ultimately you understand customer's needs because you've served them before.

Obviously, we’re looking to ensure it’s a solid fit from both sides: we want you to step into a role you love, and we want to offer you a place you’re proud to come to everyday. For a glimpse into our world, feel free to check out the #lifeatvend and #weworkatvend hashtag on Instagram and take a peek at the pieces of our culture our team likes to celebrate.

Ok, apply already! Get in touch, hit that button and come have a chat with us. Spruce up that resume and get in touch - we can’t wait to hear from you :)