iOS Developer

WildcardSydney2M ago

We need someone with solid Swift experience to help us build out our clean, simple and native codebase.

What We’re Up To

We’re building a transaction account that people actually want to check every day. Instead of spreadsheets and budgets, we do all the number-crunching and just tell you one thing: how much you have to spend. Keep that number above zero and you know your savings and bills are taken care of.

Why The Role Is Important To Us

The mobile app is the centrepiece of our company. Getting the technology behind it right means the difference between an ordinary product and one that actually impacts people’s lives.

What It’ll Involve

You’ll take ownership of the iOS app development and help us build out our clean, simple and native codebase. You’ll get to brainstorm and build new features, run experiments and support the app alongside the rest of the company.

Our Philosophy Around Work Generally

We believe in treating our co-workers like adults. This means things like flexible working hours, unlimited leave and transparent salaries. You can read more about our philosophy around work here:

We’re committed to growing a team with diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas. Diverse teams are better teams, end of story.

Our Philosophy Around The Role Specifically

We’re looking for someone who shares our engineering principles: attention to detail, a focus on UX, and the ability to balance clean code with the need to ship.

Like what you hear? Tell us a bit about yourself, the projects you’ve worked on and a few words on why you’d like to work with us.